Igniting Your Interests, Achieving Your Goals


About Spark Dynamics

In 11th grade, Brian was bright but struggling internally and academically.  He was distracted by multiple talents, but neither excelling nor feeling especially excited about any one academic discipline.  He knew it was time to prepare to apply to colleges, but he wasn't motivated.  He was in a rut.


Today, Brian is a junior in college earning an accelerated combined bachelor's/master's degree in music therapy--and thriving.


Brian is just one of the many successful clients of Spark Dynamics.


Teaching is my passion.  I taught teenage students in Albemarle County, Virginia for seven years.  All too often, my students seemed directionless, even paralyzed by what seemed like an overwhelming range of options for life after High School.  Just following along with the crowd or listening to the advice of others wasn't working.  Unable to bring even immediate future choices into focus, some of my students were so overwhelmed they were barely functioning.


I realized there was a tremendous need for a service that could provide these sensitive and ambitious students with the support they needed to identify and pursue their own dreams - and I created Spark Dynamics, in 2006, to do just that.


From the beginning, the focus of Spark Dynamics was to help students find their true passion, develop confidence, and become more self resilient.  Our one-on-one, individualized, step-by-step approach helps our clients improve their self-awareness and ability to define realistic goals.  Together, we explore their options for attaining them.  This process itself is a tremendously worthwhile life-long skill to learn and practice.


In the past six years I have been rewarded by my clients' achievements.  They have become confident and productive citizens who know who they are and what they want.  It is thrilling to see them apply the process they learned with us, when facing life's opportunities and challenges.


Furthermore, I've listened to the youths we've coached at Spark Dynamics and continued to develop our offerings in response to their feedback and to changes in the economy, technology, and workforce.  We now also offer coaching in business etiquette, social etiquette, networking skills, college planning and our newest service: The Student Leadership Alliance Program.


And I wasn't just listening to my students - over the years I heard mothers speak of their own personal struggles.  They were also feeling lost and intimidated, but faced their own unique challenges.  Some women were advancing in their careers and taking on unaccustomed leadership roles.  Others were returning to a former profession after a long break.  A few were looking to work outside of the home for the very first time.


Here, again, was another need.  So I opened Spark for Women! in 2011.  Women now choose from a menu of professional coaching services to support them as they: write and edit their resumes, polish their image, improve their health and physical condition, develop entrepreneurial skills, promote their own businesses, organize their offices and homes, and more.


Spark Dynamics coaches listen, understand, and inspire.  We become your allies.  Together, we explore, identify and redifine your goals and craft a plan for you to achieve them, efficiently and effectively.  When you work with Spark you belong to a persuasive and knowledgeable team of professionals who work with you tirelessly to discover your personal map and send you on your way.